Тhe ESFAM – Business school of Management  is an institute of the University Agency of la Francophonie Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), established in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1994. Since then we have trained 2000 graduates, now occupying responsible positions worldwide.

Our mission is to train in French specialists at high management levels in the administrations of enterprises and to contribute to the development of the countries in the Central and Easter Europe region.

In our initial training, we offer one-year courses, allowing the obtaining of Master’s degrees from major French and Belgian universities.

In our continuous education, workers can study modules, derived from these master’s degrees, and receive certificates.

The network of alumni and partner enterprises provide graduates with options for the best possible professional development.

Important information for students from Central and Easter European:

  • the education is funded by the AUF;
  • the Bulgarian government and various international bodies provide scholarships;
  • there are on-site courses for reaching the required level, prior to the start of the academic year

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission conditions? Completed 4 years of higher (university-level) education and command of French.

What is the duration of the education at ESFAM? The education for graduation continues for one year of full attendance of the classes in Sofia from September until the following Spring, followed by a period of internship or thesis preparation.

What is the status of the ESFAM students? The students at ESFAM have the status of Bulgarian students and can benefit from the related discounts (on cinema tickets, travel fares etc.). At the same time, they are students, enrolled in a French or Belgian university, where they are preparing for graduation.

What type diploma is received from ESFAM? These are Master’s Degree diplomas from partner universities.

Who accredits the diplomas and programmes? Diplomas and programmes are accredited by partner authorities and universities.

Who teaches at ESFAM? A part of the lecturers come from the respective university, granting the degree, and another part are from the expert network of the University Agency of Francophonie.

List of the organized master’s degrees

  • Master’s degree in Management and administration of enterprises, in partnership with the University of Nantes (France);

This course is mainly intended for students, coming from other areas of education (engineering sciences, social sciences, humanitarian sciences, etc.), who may obtain second competences in management.

  • Master’s degree in Management of Sustainable Innovation and Digitalisation, in partnership with the University of Liège (Belgium)

This MSc aims to prepare students for the challenges of the climate and digital transition for companies by introducing them to the different managerial dimensions that can contribute to this. Its orientation is firmly focused on project management and innovation, in particular by promoting project themes related to these issues.

  • Master’s degree in the Management of small and medium-sized enterprises in partnership with the Pascal Paoli University of Corsica (France);

This master’s programme trains future managers of tourist companies and territories, which may control, establish and manage their own structures, as well as occupy management positions in public authorities and private organizations.

  • Master’s degree in International transport in partnership with University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne;

This multi-disciplinary master’s programme, specialized in transport, which trains high-level management staff to meet the needs of the professionals in transport, in terms of management, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe, providing specialization in the transport systems in this part of the continent.

  • Master’s degree in Logistic chain management in partnership with University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Assas;

This master’s programme is intended to provide training, adjusted to the needs of enterprises in the area of logistics management. This is the only master’s programme in France, which enables the graduates to pass easily from control positions to management positions and functions for the establishment of industrial and logistic systems.

Full Fee: The full fee for the enrolment in the ESFAM, in any of the Master’s programmes, amounts to € 4000 per annum. This fee includes the enrolment in the partner university and covers the tuition fees. It does not include accommodation, insurance and sustenance.

Fee, subsidized by the AUF: €300

Persons, eligible for the subsidized fee:

  1. By right:
  • Students – nationals of the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosna and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Ukraine.
  • Students, who are currently studying in the following partner universities: Corse, Paris 1, Paris 2, Nantes, Liège.

2. By file (scholarships by AUF):

  • Students from all over the world, having graduated from universities – members of the AUF, or from a structure, associated with the AUF and operating under a quality professional project.