You completed a 4 years higher education program (240 ECTS)
You master the French language
ESFAM offers you “Master 2” training programs that ensure :


  • Knowledge linked to the worlds of companies and modern administrations, providing you with a fast transition from education to work.
  • Master degrees delivered by internationally acknowledged. French or Belgian universities, Mastery of the intercultural dimension thanks to its student and faculty diversity.

Tuition and costs : 
There is no tuition fee. 

The education cost is supported by the Francophone University Agency (AUF, Agence universitaire de la Francophonie). The students have to pay a 500 euros yearly fee for housing in the university residence, health insurance and daily transport to ESFAM.

Scholarship and fellowship 

Depending on your citizenship and/or academic success, you could receive financial aid from the Bulgarian Government, the “Erasmus +” program or from Wallonia-Brussels International.

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